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Gyom in the Studio

Production music, artist development and custom scoring services; M-Rose Productions is home of

4x Emmy® Nominee composer-producer Gyom Amphoux.


From a soothing piano soundtrack to a full orchestral score or punk rock anthem; our music has been used in Blockbuster Movies, Trailers, TV shows and Commercials around the world. 

From our ever growing license-ready catalog to our custom services, we  aim at creating original high end musical content for Advertising, Film, TV and Games.

Our motto is simple: to create music that moves and inspires. We understand the power of music in storytelling. We work closely with you every step of the way, with the highest level of production from start to finish.





Emmy Nominee
Emmy Nominee
Palm Gold Winner
production music awar


" Gyom Amphoux’s playfully eerie score—one of the highlights of the film—creates an unsettling atmosphere through a soundtrack that wails and screeches and claws at the viewer’s eardrums, fitting in neatly with the disorienting story. "

" Gyom Amphoux’s score deserves special mention. It creates high suspense with excellent jump scares, which delightfully feel Hitchcockian and lifts the picture in all the right place"

" wonderfully fitting score from Gyom Amphoux."

" While performances from cast and crew members are certainly strong and enjoyable, it’s the biting musical composition from Gyom Amphoux that elevates the events on-screen to another level. Some may find it a tad aggressive, but it’s not something typically found in a movie of this subject matter or scale. For a film that was seemingly shot on a modest budget, the sound is a real highlight"

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Gyom's compositions are examples of his originality and creativity. He transports listeners on a mesmerizing journey with his music, eliciting a variety of feelings and creating beautiful musical landscapes. His complex melodies and harmonies seamlessly entwine one another, weaving a tapestry of sound that is both entrancing and fascinating.

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