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How long will it take to have my music mixed?

Standard mixes take 7-10 days from date of order to schedule, but once we start we can normally turn around a mix in a day.

If you need to turn around a song quickly, contact us for more information and pricing.

What's a REVISION? 

A revision is your feedback on the mix we've created for you. We allow 2 rounds of revisions for each song, after that an hourly rate will be charged.

What types of mixes can I get? 

A variety of mix types are available. The standard  versions are: Main, Vocal Up, Instrumental, Acappella. Main and Instrumental are included in the basic mix package.

Will you carry out editing on the tracks? 

This is not included as part of the mix cost. Editing, restoration and  vocal tuning can be carried out on demand. Contact us with the work you want us to do and we will send you a quote.

How will I send and receive my tracks? 

We offer free use of our fast & secure FTP. Upon receiving a 50% deposit for the project,  we will email you personalized login information to your online folder where all your files can be uploaded and final mixes retrieved.

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